July 25, 2016

Get Paid For Your Reviews

A new beauty product is launched approximately once a day. As a think tank for the beauty industry and a publisher of  popular beauty magazines, we get to see these products before they are introduced to the public.

CosmoBiz magazines test new products (according to a set of objective test protocols) and releases the results in our monthly publications.

We would like to take it little further and have a few active beauty vloggers and bloggers test some of these products in real life.

As a CosmoBiz Beauty Examiner, you can enjoy free samples of the product(s) and share your thoughts on your blog/vlog. If your vlog/blog is selected to feature in CosmoBiz Salon, we will send you payment as a freelance writer and reviewer. Depending on the quality of the review and the number of views we will send additional payment in correspondence with your reviews commercial success.

You can maintain your objective views on products while getting paid as a CosmoBiz Beauty Examiner.


Benefits of Being an Examiner

Signup today and become a certified CosmoBiz Beauty Examiner. There are many benefits of being an examiner;

  • free subscription to CosmoBiz Salon
  • free* online training course – Retail Beauty Consultant
  • free sample products to examine
  • free or discounted pass to many popular beauty shows
  • get paid as our freelance writer, or get paid if your review generates a large number of clicks.

* free online training program. A certificate will be issued upon completing 30 hours of online class at your own pace. You must purchase the textbook, Retail Beauty Consultant ($40 for members, $70 for non-member)


As a Leading Beauty Magazine, We Work with All Major Companies.

  • All Major Hair Extensions and Wigs Companies
  • Major Ethnic Hair Care Product Companies
  • Major Cosmetics and Skin Care Product Companies
  • Major Styling Tool Companies