July 24, 2016

About Us

Greetings from the team of CosmoBiz Magazines! We’re so excited to announce our latest project, CosmoBiz Beauty Examiner. After years of working with freelance writers and bloggers trying to make a career out of their love of beauty, and with companies trying to figure out the best way to share their new products with wider audiences, we decided to find a way to help.

As the leading publication in the beauty and Wigstension industry, we work closely with companies that manufacture personal care products (hair care, skin care, nail care, and other beauty products) and wigstension products (wigs and hair extensions). In the last several years we’ve been working with a variety of bloggers and enthusiasts. Now we are continuing to identify and locate more power bloggers who specialize in beauty products and hair styling to help bring these two communities together.

Our mission is to connect two sides together more effectively.

For the companies; we will connect you with power bloggers and individuals who can review your products and spread the word faster. Not only will you be able to securely advertise but you’ll have the advantage of the talented and creative ways these individuals use to podcast their reviews.

For the bloggers; we will locate companies who will sponsor your activities fairly, without any strings attached. Gone are the days of spending your own hard earned money to ensure you have content, but without the worry that viewers will think your review is biased due to direct sponsorship.

More than that, we are here to offer you in-depth training course that will enhance your level of knowledge on beauty products and services. The more you know, the better you can teach your viewers. If you’ve ever wondered what the fiber names mean, how to best trim a lace front, how your wigs (or etc.) go from concept to completion–we have a wealth of information and are always adding more. Along with access to every issue of CosmoBiz Salon we have developed a comprehensive Beauty Consultant training programs that you can study online at your own pace. With a textbook, lessons, video lectures and more our training courses are being continually updated with the latest insider information.

We also offer product seminars, which you can physically attend. We will provide minimal transportation expenses and lodging whenever we can.

In other words, we are here to elaborate your understanding of beauty products and to help develop your hobbies into a profession.

Join us as we change the way the world looks at beauty.


CosmoBiz Salon

We publish two beauty industry trade magazines. But we’re not just another salon magazine, we are a specialty magazine for beauty product buyers, like beauty stores, beauty supplies, and cosmetologists. However, we know that many are looking for in-depth information not found in your average beauty magazine, which is why we appeal to all demographics of the beauty market. CosmoBiz is the only magazine that specializes in professional beauty supplies, hair extensions and wigs. Our unique position allow us to have first hand access to major corporations before they launch their new products.

CosmoBiz magazines are published by the beauty industry’s only think tank, BBIM Institute. As a research and educational institute, BBIM works exclusively with major corporations on many projects.

We are your door to all major beauty product companies.