A Few Good Bloggers

When you see behind anything that is great, there are usually a handful of people who made it all happen. Whether you call them frontier, pioneer, or a dream team, right people makes right move at the right time. I believe now is the time to differentiate power bloggers from the general public, create new profession, and financially reward them for their contribution.

When I was writing career development section in the Standard Retail Beauty Consultant textbook several years ago, I realize importance of the professional bloggers for the beauty industry. It was puzzling how would corporates identify them, differentiate them from the splash blogger, and how to compensate them for the contributions they make. I strongly felt the need to create standards, code of ethic, rates of compensation.

For the benefit of the professional bloggers, the bloggers need;

  • to be properly compensated to maintain blogging activities.
  • to have first hand access to product manufactures, designers, or developers for more accurate info.
  • to collaborate with other professionals to cross check facts they deliver.
  • to obtain reliable resources and materials for writing.

For the benefit of the corporates, the companies need;

  • to identify authentic bloggers who may not injure reputation or image of their products.
  • to locate existing and newly rising bloggers in timely manor.
  • to be able to predict expenses and anticipate results more accurately.

For the public;

  • information they are receiving are fact base, not a myth.
  • information they are receiving are genuine, not another advertisement.

If the blogging is new form of media, one woman broadcasting, we must establish some form of standards and sound structure to elevate their existence. At the same time, the public interest must be protected since a wrong information can injure public. If a blogger wants to go from hobby to profession, she/he must be equipped with all necessary training or base of knowledge to protect public interest. More I thought about it, more complicated and difficult this task became.

I don’t have all the answers till now, but I strongly┬ábelieve CosmoBiz team, as a research institute for the beauty industry, will do what is best for all sides and achieve this difficult challenge.

So, here we go.

Travis Johng